The thesis attempts to explore the phygital constitution of political architecture in the post-digital context of Hong Kong. With utilising and experimenting various digital tools and workflows, the project synthesises digital and physical entities together encouraging discourses in the city.


There are 2 main components of the investigation in the thesis. First, the Phygital, denotes the blending of digital experiences with the physical world. The technique realizing such ideology is Augmented Reality and it is employed and speculated throughout the thesis project. The second component of the thesis is the implementation of such digital tools to the context of future public political space in Hong Kong.


A phygital forum network, engaging Hong Kong citizens to heterotopic spatial encounters of the city’s political future in the post-digital age, is proposed. The scheme establishes new forms of political participation connecting multiple locations in the city to the main forum open space through post-digital means. Taking the Rostra from the Roman Forum and the Speakers’ Corner from London as references, the design captivates the power of the citizens influencing the city’s policies and addresses the polarizing views in the city through the phygital promotion of rational opinion expressions. The project with Augmented Reality, photogrammetry and digital imaging integrations generates and connects citizens’ discourse of social issues beyond certain constraints of time and space while advocating phygital assemblies in the post-digital era. The proposal, situating at The Statue Square, Central, redefines open public spaces in Hong Kong and becomes the prototype of phygital forums that can be further implemented across the city.


The thesis questions the role of the digital in the field of architecture, with incorporating digital tools and techniques to bring the physical and the digital in equilibrium. The phygital architecture embraces the post-digital as well as it reinterprets, concretises, and amplifies true values and beliefs of Hong Kong citizens.